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Valentine’s or Galentine’s - where you should head

Valentine’s Day. It’s come round once again. A day of the year bursting with love hearts, roses and sickening PDA. If it fills you with dread, then I feel you sister!
As we’ve already established – I’m not particularly a fan of Valentine’s Day. That probably makes me a right old Cupid scrooge. Especially to the singletons who are probably thinking F*!# OFF – you’ve got a boyfriend. 
Yes, you’re right I do and I’m in a loving relationship. But I don’t need to be told to tell my other half that I love him on one day of the year. I also don’t want to be seen as ‘that girl’ who posts way too much info on their relationship – I know we’ve all been there, even if it’s back in the Bebo days! However, I can’t help but feel that the people constantly share their love life aren’t generally very happy in their relationship. Why not share your love in a different way rather than updating your status on Facebook? 
The pressure on Valentine’s Day is so high and I blame social media for that pressure. …

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