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Stripey stripes

It’s absolutely flipping freezing today! 
I love it though. Although it’s bitter, I love nothing more than being cosy with a scarf, hat and gloves. And here I am again talking about the weather! 
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. I certainly got my hands on a few bargains. I’m going to show you an outfit that I picked up online last week!
I’m a massive fan of stripes, I’m actually obsessed. I counted not that long ago how many stripey items I own and it’s in the 20s - not sure whether that should be a thing to be proud of or not! 

This ASOS jumper mixes up the classic ‘black and white’ ‘navy and white’ stripe combo with a pop of colour. But still very much in the winter remit. 
I’ve wanted to get my hands on some chunky zip boots for ages. So long in fact that I saw them on my winter trip to Copenhagen last year and hadn’t seen them since.

Jumper: ASOS Jeans: ASOS Boots: Truffle Collection on ASOS (not exactly the same but very similar) Hat: (Old New Balan…

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