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Keeping up on Instagram - Why I struggle to post content I’ve worked hard to shoot

Years ago I wrote a blog post on why being a hoarder sucks. I'm terrible at getting rid of things with sentimental value or pretty much anything as I'm definitely a 'just in case' girl. I've realised lately that I'm also terrible at 'getting rid' of photos. I've recently got a new phone and the pain of transferring photos to one iPhone to the other when you've exceeded your icloud limit is simply mind-numbing. As I scroll on a Sunday night to see which ones I'd like to post I discover at least 20 outfit pictures that I haven't posted. 
It got me thinking as to why I haven't, and the answer is very simple. Judgement. I'm scared of the judgement that comes with posting online. 
There's loads of factors that this comes down to...
My physical appearance. Whether that be my body, my face, my hair. I'm no Victoria Secrets model, far from it. In fact, I will never be a Victoria Secrets model because I will never be a size 6. I'…

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